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The Leaf Center - Building MockUp
Leaf Center Bilboard
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Leaf Center Stationery Mockup
Leaf Center Uniform and Bag

Identity System:
The Leaf Center

The Margaret S. and James M. Leaf Science Center is a fictitious science center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Leaf Center has two missions: educating youth and families about science through interactive exhibits and offering leased equipment rentals for local scientists, research facilities, and laboratories. 

The new identity system incorporates a fluid leaf-shaped mark resembling cultures on a petri dish to pay homage to the research branch of the science center while creating a visual representation of The Leaf Center’s name. 

An analogous color scheme — ranging from a soft buttercup yellow to a deep blue spruce green —is a direct reference to colors found in natural deciduous and evergreen foliage and is inviting to all ages. 

Stationery for The Leaf Center uses these colors in a striped pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence found throughout nature from tiny seed heads on flowers to hurricane formations, and even spiral galaxies. The use of this golden ratio is visually appealing for all and holds a deeper and identifiable meaning for the scientific community.

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