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Creative genius? 

But don't take our word for it; experience the DiBeneditto difference for yourself!


Jennie is a creative professional with over 15 years of experience in design thinking and strategic planning.

What folks are saying about Jennie

Jennie: You are not only a creative genius but an amazing communicator. I love the way you manage communications with our executives, our clients, and all of our constituents. You are a true professional in every way! Thank you...

Jill B.

Sure, Jennie does top-notch design work and single-handedly juggles a staggering workload by managing dozens of projects at a time. But what made her an irreplaceable part of this team was her enthusiasm, positive attitude, fun-loving sense of humor, and willingness to step in whenever needed.

Eric C.

Jennie is a patient, kind, and generous teacher who knows how to create success for her students and fellow collaborators. She brings color and creativity to every project she works on and is someone I genuinely enjoy spending time with.

Andrew T.
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Get to know Jennie

With a rich academic background encompassing fine art, graphic design, business management, and entrepreneurship, Jennie brings a unique blend of skills to the table. Jennie's professional journey has honed her expertise in team leadership, project management, creative direction, and innovative problem-solving. If you need to find ways to "do more with less," Jennie's experience as a small business owner provides first-hand knowledge of executing big ideas on a budget. 

Today, Jennie is on a mission to transform narratives and drive results for those she collaborates with. She seamlessly integrates design thinking methodologies and strategic planning processes, ensuring creative solutions that prioritize the end-user/customer experience.​

Jennie's "superpower"? It's her insatiable curiosity and unwavering positive attitude. Armed with this winning combination, she embraces each new challenge as an opportunity to deepen her understanding of the problem. Jennie leverages her creative, analytical, and strategic planning skills to craft impactful solutions—and does so with a smile.

Whether creating compelling video content or crafting comprehensive communication strategies, Jennie thrives on the challenge of turning ideas into impactful reality.

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