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Beyond graphic design, I enjoy working with my hands and creating artworks to beautify my community. This is a selection of sculptures and murals I have created along with community projects I have been a major part of. 

“Captured Light” was a collaboration with Lukas DiBeneditto for a temporary outdoor installation at the 2018 Steamboat Nights festival at Big 4 Park in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The sculpture was designed to honor the Indiana state insect, the firefly, while creating a sense of wonder and nostalgia for the viewer.  

“Momentous Growth”, “Iconic Jeffersonville”, and “Whimsical Florals” are each mini murals painted on utility boxes in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

The ceramic self-portraits project was designed for a STEAM themed gifted and talented field trip for middle schoolers from Greater Clark County Schools. I assisted a fellow ceramic artist in leading nearly 80 students in this hands-on project over 2 days. 

“Ammonite Fossils Mural” is a project I designed and painted for Jeffersonville, Indiana’s new Arts and Cultural District. The design was intended to compliment - yet not take away from - the very colorful water tank mural located beside this building. My design was selected by the city and I lead a small team of volunteers in painting this large mural. 

“Indiana Nouveau” is a collaboration with Lukas DiBeneditto. This sculpture, inspired by the theme of fluidity, is part of Jeffersonville, Indiana’s Neighborhood Sculpture Trail. The design is inspired by the art nouveau works of Alphonse Mucha and incorporates imagery of the Indiana state flower, bird, tree, and insect with flowing blue lines representing our location along the Ohio River. This steel sculpture was fabricated to our specifications by a local manufacturer and then painted with direct to metal epoxy paints. 

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