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© 2019 - Jennie DiBeneditto

Graphic Designer, Artist, & Creative Problem Solver

The Sun's Journey

This book form project pairs nature mandalas I designed and photographed with the poetry of Loren Miller.

This work was inspired by a summer art camp project I led for middle school students to learn about radial symmetry, photography, and composition. Each camper would create their own nature mandala from objects found on their daily nature walks. The results were so beautiful that it inspired me to continue making nature mandalas of my own. 

Knowing that these compositions would pair beautifully with short poems, I enlisted the help of local poet, Loren Miller. Together, we developed a series of 12 mandalas and poems that are evocative of the 12 months of the year.  

It is small in scale, 5-inches square, creating an intimate, meditative piece that is the perfect size to take with you anywhere.